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Write the opening of a story about a place that is severely affected by the weather.

Today it fell more rough than usual. The cloud was dark and deep more weirder than usual. The houses were rather distinct of colour such as the houses in Balamory a child hood tv show which was one of the best. As the day was  passing rain was heavy to heavy for the barrier of the train which travels down the coast each day. Today was not the worst day in the coast but it seemed to be a uncomfortable day. Listen to the waves splashing up and down making a “boosh bash ” sound which was really unpleasant it was cold and wet. Let alone the roof making the rickety sound. The sound of the pummelling was getting to me it was like a bee buzzing around that pest. Schools closed maybe this was the worst storm. The trains still travelling along the coast the wave constantly splashing them down whoever was on the train could feel this whipslashing movement. The final train is closing in as it will pass through at the most heaviest time as the news presenter says but the tv signal is out of reach.  “In my elderly day the ain’t a thing which I can’t do just a repeat of sleeping eating watching documentaries and watch the breeze past there ain’t nothing more” last train incoming. ” well this last train make me feel sick” the last train was coming a whistling sound it always make rumours say the last train disappears away everyday.

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The Tempest 100 word summary

Prospero has a child which is called Miranda they are kicked out of the country. Prospero waits for his revenge he kills sykorax and he tries to help caliban but caliban attacks Miranda and now he is prospero slave. He also cast a ship where they all get stuck on the island Ferdinand and Miranda are now in a intermate relation ship caliban wants revenge so he get trinculo and Stephano to get revenge. Prospero then feels sorry for the king and his family so he forgives them and now Ferdinand and Miranda are married they live happily ever after.

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HW2 Adaptation

if I was making a modern day scrooge it would be differently expressed in the way it would be set in a palace and people living underneath this palace in poverty war and crime government with high taxes the person who I would choose to be scrooge would be people live David Cameron the queen people who attack the society because they are rich the owners of Walmart will be a huge impact and they should chosen the most because they alone have 42 percent of the United State family home. They’re net worth of the family is 148.8 billion dollars they even treat the workers without respect giving out 8.86 dollars an hour which is less that the minimum age people have to scrap for the lives in this working hour which is really bad they made the own funding organisation and only gave 0.4 percent of the wealth away so they should be scrooge and this is how they treat people so they deserve this.

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HW1 Planning poverty writing

The differences between poverty between dickens and modern time the feeling of being different

Poverty surrounding todays modern world

. Why people are in poverty e.g. war, fighting ,abuse, losing homes, too much migration , people who have even been exiled out of the country.

How poverty is getting recovered

. Who will do that how people can get rid of poverty how life would change without poverty

The similarities of the rich and poor poverty and the smiles.

.Why people in poverty have a smile on the face?

.The lovingness of people in poverty to people who give to them.

.How and why people feel guilty giving money to the poor

How a Christmas carol is connected to poverty now.

.Scrooge and Walmart family



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Hwk 3 1.2

In extract A Scrooge is described as a wrenching squeezing harsh man. Who was tight fisted a man which was a miser he was a man which was nothing in the world can stop him even the wind the air the weather he was a bitter man. In extract A paragraph he was described as a cold person he iced his office in the dogdays and didn’t thaw it one degree at Christmas. from this I can see that he was cold because he compares cold to Christmas and Christmas is where it is winter and he did not even want to on heating to 1 degree in such a wintery time and that he would not care whether people were cold or not this showed he had a bitter personality toward other people

as well as he was a lonely person.people were afraid of him beggars would know not to even ask him for money even blind men’s dog appeared to know he was there and would run to the side and tug owners from this it showed me that Scrooge was feared cold man which was also a money keeper with no help to give to the poor no donations to even help them it convinces readers that he was a miser from this extract and that he was a unlawful man with a hatred of people close or even beggars in the street.





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Christmas come early once a year

every year families and friend are close together man children are happy at this time of year because presents are exposed more better equipment more fun enjoyment within families and poor are warm together as they have a living relationship with each other many ways Christmas form early helps us .

one of the way Christmas comes early is that days become shorter and darker nights are better the cold make families close within the heat of the fire it make Christmas a distance away from thinking a long 25 days of December to shorter than summer and Summers quick .

another way Christmas comes early is that poor are treated with warmth live in Christmas people have a better heart to give such live to the poor that they are treated with food and people respect them it is the time to give and this is one way Christmas guves to the poor.



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Journal entry 1 fiction

“Yu gi oh” a book that is fiction which shows compassion action and magic realism . The actor is yugi a boy which has a pyramid necklace which is called the pyramid of light and whenever he duels the powers he has are greatful as he is supported to win fights this book is about the ” yugioh R” a master lost a battle but his protege has never forgiven yugi want to get revenge back at yugi as the story unraves emotion and forgiveness is past and the battle is never forgiven

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H\W on ‘what I hate’

this topic I am doing is on hate. Many aspects of hate are different gathering of it. Hate there are things I hate and I will be explaining theses issues myself on what I hate or what I really despised and these are what I hate at education wise and my own personal hate issues which I will discuss about.

one of the things I hate is when someone is speaking out of turn when they are nit supposed to I despise this because it gets on my nerves and really aggravates me to be angry and rage out of  nowhere imagine just talking and someone’s talking and then your out of talking with that person because it was the other person. your one to one conversation not the other persons so it just hurt me to say that these people do that for no reason so this is one of the people I hate but sometimes its ok to do this if someone’s back chatting about that person then its ok for the right person to but in.

another thing I hate is when people just say Samsung is the best smart phone it is not I really hate it the way someone’s says it but it is their opinion it the choice but the way they say it they despise me so idiotically the way they say it but in the end they confuse you with  random comments but which they don’t know that they lost. in my opinion everyone has the own opinion.

another thing I hate is people which just I don’t literally like the way they annoy you with the face and everything and you just don’t like them literally they just come aut of nowhere just to make you annoyed and many times you feel like making them quiet because that how much I hate them they just talk so much.

last but not least I hate people who always talk about football constantly annoying you within the whole week through school and afterwards if people do talk about football I don’t want to hear stupid things like arsenal is better than united I just want to hear present stuff like man united won against Liverpool and that I hate talking about past want to hear presence I really hate it everyday its about people and the way they show it annoys me by a enormous amount and these are some of the things I hate.

so this is my H\w for what I hate.

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Comparing the way death is presented in kafkas and swantons version of metamorphises

today I will be exploring how death is presented in metamorphosis from Franz Kafka version in the novella and comparing it with  Chris Swantons version from the film in a way of comparison I will describe how Gregor the creature which dies is represented and how an icon Franz Kafka describes this and now in English literature and how Franz Kafkas life persuid how metamorphose show cruelty and abusisty to show how life is he wanted to destroy this piece of beautiful literature which show how special it was to us and how he descried himself as an unlawful ugly being to humanity this explored how metamorphosis is shown throughout it and how death is described.

In both the film and the novella Gregors death is presented as a relief . In Kafkas version we can see this when Kafka States, ” the rotten apple in his back and the inflamed surrounding area , entirely covered with white dust , he hardly noticed”this quotation shows that the pain gregors feeling is a burning sensation. He uses imagery to show the extent of gregors injuries. However the phrase “he hardly noticed ” shows that he had become used to the pain and that death came as a relief . Kafka places this clause at the end of the sentence because it is the least of his worries and his family is more important this shows how his brain is consulted whereas in swantons film version death is presented as pain extinguishing through imagery one of the imagery shows that gregors is taking his last weak breath and there is kind of a frame which shows how gregor dustball is moving slowly and then stops for a second. this peice of imagery shows how is death is presented in such a the dustmite show the peice of imagery is powerful and it show how the dustmite is the last thing of gregors death. as well as in this powerful image it shows light . the light represent how his religion  Christianity is shown in this way because in bible there are words which show how light is represented as a passage from god and in the text it shows how death is repesented as relief that god is with him all the way.

one of the way we can see how death is presented in Chris Swantons version is that once Gregors gos through  the door the sister say “finally” the word “finally” shows how his family show emotion towards him and how his sister is presented toward him and how she takes gasps from how her anger is toward him this shows how her hard work is making her angry instead of caring about gregor  and what had made him this creature and how his sister’s acting toward him would show how his family react but in the same scene the father protects him in the film version acting as a guard and trying to tell gregor to listen to him and gregors sister act as the man in the family acting as if she hates how Gregor is and that she blames him for everything such as the dirt the smell and the jobs they now have to do just to live. The difference is that in the novella gregor is isolated from his parents as the only person who shows any emotional connect towards him is his sister.she often brings him food and clears up his room but still cant bare the sight if him,this hurts gregor more than anything as he wants to be nothing but accepted. this is a sign which show how gregors is described throughout the movie and how he still insisted to do to be accepted. one of the sentenve his sister says ‘if it was Gregor he would have known by now that we cant live with this horrible creature and would have gone away’ this text shows how she describes her relation to him to be un-human and that they will never be together no matter what but in this moment and time we could see that in the film version Gregor is shown to be a manipulative evil creature which would attack the feeling but we as the audience realise what Gregor is going throughout the film.the word ‘ it’ and ‘ creature’ shows how Gregor is different to them because they both describe him as unhuman but he has human intelligence within himself and it shows how he is different to his family in such a powerful way and he should be treated like a human that a creature should not be treated like this without any manner.

another way to realise that gregors death is a relief because in the film his family act if it was a relief as he died in that morning the father the mother and the daughter did the Christ sign and this would show the heart felt relief and now that his death has prevailed to his family they would need this as a relief because his family can carry out the work instead of worrying for a bug which may or so be Gregor of his  appearance and how they’re appearing as peaceful which would show his death as being the last ultimatum to his family and the last one in the novella his family need not to worry but kick out the gentlemen staying in the house as they get money they now need no extra money now as the creature has the film. the way it connect to the film the novella because in both they show how both they suit together how gregors  death is described as a relief.

in conclusion to this the difference of Gregors death between them is that they both connect in a way of gregors death


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“Titus Andronicus is too violent to be taught at school” -against

i am against the statement that Titus Andronicus is too violent to be taught at school because it show how people were in past tense its a good thing to teach to each people in a way of showing how far violence in this play that people would enjoy reading a gory and violence theme to older people to show the way of historical theme can affect a theatre place and it is enjoying know about Shakespeare because he write different kind of work such as poem elegies and plays such as Julia’s ceaser and Romeo and Juliet . if you had read the play of Titus Andronicus you will know that it shows how a strong leader has been tested with his mental and physical stability. of how it can affect someone in a way of attacking people and going mad within the play.

i understand that you may believe that Titus Andronicus is too horrific to be taught at school but it show how revenge shows someone sorrow and would want revenge and it would affect a child’s understanding of this and would want to be violent themselves it would show how someone would get revenge from both side of the play the goth and Titus’s family would get revenge on each other and it would see a child’s view of this would be a good thing.

although you may think that the ideas of tamora the queen goth wants revenge in a the most dreadful way but it still shows how someone changes throughout the whole play from being a strong soldier of Rome to a sad lonely person which has a mental state of health after everything happened. You may think that the rape and sex is a bad way to teach a child but it shows to a extent of how lavinia got hurt in the worst way alive but hand cut off and tongue cut off it show to a extent of how the revenge affects people. Children will soon know what sex is and rape as they learn sex education so they would soon learn what it is and I actually think that it should be teached to children who have learned about sex education and they should be well be good manner and respectable to what happens in the play so I think that it should be teached to kid in yr.6 or over because it will teach children how someone changed the mental stability and physical strength from a beginning of a play towards the end in the play such as the main character TItus Andronicus and Tamora first Titus Andronicus is a tough warrior which would want to kill the goth and he captures Tamora and kills her son. she wanted revenge in the most obnoxious way and she grows stronger towards the end of the play and Titus Andronicus gos mental after he cut his hand and he gets his sons head and he evenges his son this shows to kids how someone changes through a tough time.

I have read Titus Andronicus myself and even when at a age of maturity I found it funny in some scenes and it shows how I feel as a towards this play. As well as it does take a lot of maturity to read and listen to the play getting told. even so if there is violence it show people should have a high maturity of learning Titus Andronicus. it would even be a great things to watch the play in globe theatre itself it will let them explore how old and wonderful it is and how it was in the past where and how it was showed to the viewer and how people found it different towards play now.

in my conclusion I think that Titus Andronicus should be taught in school but people may think that violence and gory should not but I think that it should be because it shows how someone changes the physical and mental stability throughout a play. last but not least it shows the play makes education a thing to learn about Shakespeare and the language he uses throughout his life and how he thought in writing his poems, plays, elegies and how is life created English to be a powerful resource to people life.

kaiyum rahman



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